Our Mission: To create, promote and support initiatives that enhance the economic vitality, health and wellness of citizens in Southern Arizona.

Creating, promoting and supporting initiatives that enhance the economic vitality, health and wellness of citizens in Southern Arizona... Join us in our 2015-2020 Endowment Campaign!

At Bisbee Vogue, Inc. (BVI), we’re grateful and proud to be part of an amazing, welcoming, and heart-strong community.

In 2014—our 24th year—we did the math and found that over that 24 years our events and partnered programs represented approximately $5 million in local economic development dollars, and over $500,000 in direct cash donations in and around Bisbee, Arizona.

From 2015-2020—our endowment campaign years—our all-volunteer board will direct a professional staff to establish programming that fulfills our mission and visions for our community in ways that were not imagined in 1990, our founding year.

Five years will quickly become 50 years as we envision our grandchildren and great grandchildren enjoying the 50th year of our signature event: Bisbee 1000 The Great Stair Climb.

Aside from fulfilling our mission with popular athletic events and supporting local causes, we are currently leading the development of the Cochise County Recreation Center, which promises to be a hub of health and education, as well as a necessity to help grow and populate our community.

Your knowledge or direct participation over the years has made a significant impact for which we are deeply appreciative. Our task now is to involve you in our larger vision of the 50-year future.

It will take 1000 Patrons at $1000 each over this 5-year program to complete our $1,000,000 Perpetual Endowment Campaign.

In these five years your generous donation of any amount will have a visible, tangible and powerful impact on Southern Arizona.

History of Giving

The below PDFs combine to outline over $330,000 of giving over 11 years (out of our 27 years as an event), plus a sample year (2016) of our event budget (it typically takes between $55,000-$65,000 to produce the Bisbee 1000).

BVI's giving totals vary from year to year, influenced by how much BVI receives in sponsorship and donations, as well as internal expenses. In the last few years, in addition to giving, we've been applying funds inward to help BVI grow in its mission. This includes paying our building's mortgage as quickly as possible (so fewer funds are spent paying interest), and expanding BVI's healthy initiatives in our community. Please contact us for details.

History of Giving 2006-2014 (PDF)

History of Giving 2015-June-2017 (PDF)

Sample of Annual Bisbee 1000 Event Costs (PDF)

Board Members

  • Cynthia Conroy
  • Ken Budge
  • Laura Hughes
  • David Russell
  • Rachel Clabourne
  • Linda Moore
  • Charlene "Snoody" Borowiec
  • Deborah Young, Ph.D.
  • Bisbee Vogue, Inc., is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization so your donation is deductible to the extent of the law.
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