2014 Ironman Ice Competition Results!

 By popular demand the Ironman Ice Competition returns to being run sfter the Bisbee 1000
11am to 1pm for individual competition (no teams ). Plan on challenging your friends snd colleagues alike!
Proceeds go to the Cochise College Women's Basketball team, who help host this amazing race.

Cash Prizes!

The Iron Man Ice Competition is an event within the event! This historic re-enactment
of Ice Man deliveries in days of yore was started in 1993 to entertain spectators and
participants while they waited for the awards ceremony. Over the years it has taken on a
life of its own and is has now gained the reputation of being an EXTREME sporting
event unlike any other. Competitors grab a 10# block of ice in a pair of antique tongs,
sprint up 155 stairs, dash across a trail that takes them back to the paved road, zoom
down a steep winding hill to an exhilarating finish.

Do it solo, or round up a daring buddy and do it as a team. By the way, more than 95%
of the Iron Man Ice competitors do this race AFTER they’ve done the Bisbee
1000. ....How’s that for EXTREME?

Wondering why it’s called the IRON MAN Ice Competition? The event takes place
directly across from the ever inspirational Iron Man Statue and embraces the spirit of
what the statue stands for: “Dedicated to those virile men: The Copper Miners. Whose
contribution to the development and lore of the state of Arizona has been
magnificent.” (dedicated by the citizens of the Warren Mining District on 11 November

So don’t miss this chance to indulge your sense of adventure, push your body to the
max, then bask in the glory of your accomplishment at a rocking after party Beer Fest
with great bands, great food and great beer at the 2nd Bisbee 1000 Craft Beer Festival.

holding ice

Ice Competition Photos here!